Between July and September 2022, the independent consultants Learning4Development conducted a gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI) analysis for both the AETAP-PPI and the ARIA-RISE grants. The analysis had three main aims:    

1. to improve AETAP-PPI and ARIA-RISE program staff members’ and partners’ understanding of how gender and social inequities influence immunisation acceptance, confidence and uptake 

2. to strengthen approaches to GEDSI in program governance and monitoring

3. to create a shared understanding among stakeholders of the value of GEDSI within program activities.    

Outputs produced by the analysis included:  

  • the GEDSI Analysis Report  
  • the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Action Plan.  

The GEDSI Analysis Report, which assessed the approaches of the AETAP-PPI and ARIA-RISE programs to GEDSI, outlines certain intersectional barriers and issues related to immunisation successes of the programs and includes several key GEDSI recommendations.  

The DEI Action Plan, which outlines 21 actionable steps, is to be utilised to inform current AETAP-PPI and ARIA-RISE projects as well as future immunisation support and engagement delivery as part of broader Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security projects.     

Implementation of the DEI Action Plan is underway, and all program partners have made a strong commitment to advancing DEI objectives. Initial successes stemming from the action plan have included:  

  • the appointment of a DEI focal point all project partners, the ARIA-RISE and AETAP-PPI steering committees, and the ARIA Secretariat  
  • the creation of a repository of DEI resources, the ‘DEI Knowledge Hub’, which is accessible to all AETAP-PPI and ARIA partners via Microsoft Teams. The Hub includes guidance notes, tools and case studies for partner use  
  • the updating of project templates – including the project proposal, reporting and adjudication templates – to include specific sections and questions relating to DEI 
  • the establishment of a quarterly email communication that is circulated to focal points, ARIA members and other key stakeholders. The communication includes progress updates on DEI Action Plan implementation, examples of good DEI practice in partner projects, links to relevant resources and information about upcoming DEI training/information sessions.    

The GEDSI Analysis Report and the DEI Action Plan can be accessed below:

GEDSI Analysis Report - Final 

DEI Action Plan - Final 

Last updated February 2024